Friday, July 30, 2010

Toothians Promo and Rough Cut

It has been a crazy intense experience to work at Ruthless and Toothless. I am animating every character on the Chris Garver's Toothians short and experimenting with the animation using some techniques I am developing. The Idea is to be very fast and fluid not handcuffed by the pose by pose. Things happens not only because it was written, but also in consequence of physics and feeling. This animation had virtually no clean up and some really "hard to animate" rigs, but it looks great already. This is the very first rough cut of a much longer version.

He is the Toothians Ink skin Promo.

Thiago Levy animation for R and T from TeamLegend on Vimeo.


Here is the first 2D animatic for the Toothians project.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hod is the most evil creature on the universe. In order to prevent total destruction by the evil hordes of Hod, the Scientist of planet Nellum genetically engineered Ao. With incredible knowledge of fighting Ao is the only one that can match Hod's power. Now Ao is trying to protect the universe from total genocide!

See movie here